Bonfire Lit

"Welcome to the bonfire, Unkindled One."

I'm pretty new to Dark Souls, and Soulsborne as a whole. I've known about the games since forever but only started playing them in the Summer of 2021, while I was at uni. Dark Souls I was fun, it took me a while to get through it since it was my first ever souls game (I cheesed O&S because honestly it wasn't a fun fight for me). It's clunky but in a way that's kinda charming, and i loved how thought out thecombat system and characters were.
But DS1 doesn't compare to Dark Souls III for me. I don't think I've spent 4-6 months straight playing any other game besides RDR2, and even then I didn't play RDR2 as consistently as DS3. I even 100%'d DS3. I've never done that for any other game. What the fuck.
I also played Dark Soul II around early September... It sure is a game. I'll give it this: it has some really nice environmental storytelling and I like how pretty ome of its locations are. I also enjoyed Creighton... he's stupid, I like that in a man <3. Leonhard will forever be my favorite, though.

Fuck it, NPC top ten

also here's my boss tierlist

look at my malewife. this is what our wedding invitations look like

my favorite DS3 fashion

Hover to see the names of each piece

The "4.35 poise but at least I'm sexy"

The "cool as ice"

The "I hope you leveled vitality"


The "Lord of Hollows"

The "Shenpai"

The "big, stronk, and edgy"