"Until then, here's a drink to our impending doom!"

Welcome to the personal site of SINISTERSUNS! Or Nick, or Sini, or Suns. You can call me any of those I don't care. I think this is like the 4th or 5th time I've redone this place and it likely won't be the last, so enjoy this layout while it's here!

Like the scrolling buttons on the right say, this site is best viewed on a computer monitor and google chrome (sorry, I know it kinda sucks but it's what I'm used to so that's what I used to make this site). I think it shows up alright on safari but definitely not firefox lmao.

Uhh what else... most of the links on the left go to external sites, don't post anything shitty in the chat or I'll bite you, and jsyk this layout is still under construction.

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